What We Offer

We guarantee the academic success of every child/student. Our experienced and qualified home tutors improve your child's academic performance through a teaching method that is adapted to your child's style of learning. Adults, who want to learn a language, get a TOEFL/IELTS certificate or prepare for an exam also benefit from the extra ordinary skills and flexibility of our tutors.  

Our teachers are subject specialists, experienced, energetic ... and up-to-date with an ever-changing curriculum, and the current requirements of all exam boards

Our teachers offer high quality home tuition to a large number of adults who put aside extra time to learn a new language, prepare public exams, or develop their Computing skills.

We have over 50 highly competent editors to render your work free of grammatical errors. No more embarrassment in front of your audience nor on your day of defence.

Who are our Tutors

We are dedicated to the success of our students and for this reason; we make sure that the tutors we select are of the best quality possible. See criteria we use to select tutors we work with below :

  • An undergraduate, recent graduate or experienced teacher
  • Has a complete mastery of the subject to ensure many hours of satisfying results in your child's learning process.
  • Has common sense to be able to take a difficult subject or problem and present little tips and tricks to help achieve learning.
  • Has an engaging personality and teaching style that grabs attention of student in all discussions.
  • Is able to promote positive behaviors in classrooms to have effective discipline skills.
  • Is passionate about teaching and uphold working with students.
  • Can communicate with parents and keep them In-Touch about what’s going on in the classroom.
  • Is confident and able to build trusting relationships.
  • Not younger than 18 and not older than 50
  • Very honest, humble, hardworking and God-fearing

Offer Your Child a Successful Academic Year!
we know you want the best for your kid, in school and in life. Choosing STUDECOL Home Tuition is about preparing your kid for great career success. Discover how we work for families like yours — from our personal approach, to our interactive learning and our amazing results.

Our tutors take into consideration the student’s learning style, personality and academic level in order to help the student bette

Why Choose Us?

  • Our teachers apply the best approach
  • Our students have direct access to our mentoring programs, orientation services, and study guides
  • Our tutors are often recycle for maximum results
  • We have a good number of tutors at our disposal so we can always have the best match for your child.
  • We do our best to work with you budget as much as possible ( not less than 1000frs/hr). We can always get a tutor for those who have smaller budget

Questions freguently asked by parents

What age or classes do you work with?

We teach children from 4 years upward. Our tutees are from all classes; primary school to the university.

We also teach adults who are interested in learning a language, preparing for TOEFL/IELTS or any public exams.

We also offer home schooling for those who wish to go back to school but have neither the momentum nor the time to attend regular school.

How do you operate?

Three easy steps:

1)Our client/parent is required to fill our online form which helps us collect all the important information about the student.  We need this information to match them to a highly suitable tutor.

2)We schedule a meeting with our client during which we sign a short service contract to keep our client in full confident

3)We Search our database and send the most suitable tutor to you.

How do your charge?

We charge tuition fee based on a number of factors including

1)How specialized the knowledge or skill set that is to be taught

2)How often the tutor is expected to come and how many hours each session is expected to take

3)Distance between the tutor and the client’s residence.

4)The level of experience  required by the client and age of the tutee

How are the classes programmed?

the scheduling of classes is very flexible and is done between the client and the tutor. In most cases we give priority to our clients and classes are schedule to their convenience.

Normally classes do take place at the home of the tutee. However, some adult student sometimes prefer to have their classes in the offices.

Parents of kids less than 8 are encouraged to be around during class periods.

What if the fee is beyond my budget?

We do our best to make sure that our fees remain within a reasonable budget. Since we have a large number of tutors in our database, we can always find a tutor who can assist those with little budgets.
However, bear in mind that the amount you pay the tutor is almost directly proportional to the level of concentration the tutor will give the student.

We advise parents to opt for quality and not low prices.

What Our Clients Think

I had a lot difficulties getting a tutor for my kids until I got in contact with an agent from STUDECOL.
Ms Nana
When I was admitted for a six months program in India, I was obliged to learn English. A tutor from STUDECOL helped me to quickly learn English.
M. Ngono
I am planning to further my studies abroad. I need to be fleunt in English so I applied for a Tutor. My classes will begin in August.
Civil Servant
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